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Friday, February 12, 2010


Welcome cast, production team, and other bloggers to my virtual casebook for Carnegie Mellon University's production of "Richard III." Since this production is not going to be your typical Shakespeare play I thought that the casebook and the actor packets for my show should reflect this "dirty, modern tragedy" and the way that technology is being integrated into the show in the dramaturgy and the design. Rather than pass out massize packets of information to the actors on the first day of rehearsal, I plan to explore this digital media as a more dynamic, fluid, interactive way of presenting information to my cast. This blog will be a tool for myself to begin synthesizing and organizing the information I am studying and eventually a tool for the production team and cast as they read, explore, question and comment. Although I am unfamiliar with the world of blogging, I figure what better moment to put all my Haraway talk into action and take technology by storm? If Queen Margaret could raise armies I should be able to conquer the keyboard and put the interface to work, right?

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