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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Images of "Why This Play Now?"

Some research images and ideas that keep Richard III relevant. Find out more on Matt's Ning. Read about cyborgs and Richard III here.

After Bhutto assasination.

Lamenting women.

Media attention.

Young leader.

Prince in the Tower.

Surveillance in Great Briton today:

Death, Ritual and the Media.


Bhutto's unmarked coffin.

Power and Technology.


Dailyxpress/Thai Photo Blog.

"How things go pop." Indymedia Ireland.

Hoyt, Mike. Reporting Iraq: An oral history of the war by reporters who covered it. Hoboken, NJ: Melville House Publishing. 2007. Print.

"Pakistan Mourns Death of Benazir Bhutto."

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images via New York Times

Warrick Page/Bloomberg News via New York Times

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