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Monday, May 3, 2010

"Richard" Reviews

Here are links to the reviews I have found for our production, although I have to say my favorite reviews came in the form of "fan mail" from the students of Somerset High School who saw our high school matinee performance. This obviously very bright group of students was captivated by the production, and the reactions from all of the students who attended throughout the performance were terrific and unforgettable!

"Gabriel King is wearing the heavy crown in Carnegie Mellon's current production of "Richard III," a daunting responsibility for a young actor, but he doesn't shirk from the burden. After a tentative, subdued start opening night, Mr. King seized the role with energy and growing confidence as the play marched toward its inexorable finale of blood and revenge."

"Robert Kotcher composed and arranged a welter of musical styles that lent both a historical period sense as well as a sense of paranoia, fitting to a story of cynical betrayal and brutality.

'Richard III' is rich with possibilities, from the least interesting (English history) to the infinitely fascinating (the seductive qualities of evil with a smiling face). The CMU crew couldn't decide which ones to choose, so it tried a bunch of them. Some worked, some didn't, yet the overall result is a rich night of theater, both challenging and entertaining."

(Take this review with a grain of salt: the description of the set makes me think that the reviewer saw a model or rendering of the set and not the actual set itself...)

"Thoughtfully conceived and stylishly attractive, it's a very up-to-date, yet timeless retelling of Shakespeare's drama."

Pittsburgh City Paper: 'Richard III' On stage

"That clarity is needed, given the dark intricacies of this sinister nightmare. To follow these twists, an advance grasp of the royal families and how they relate to each other is helpful. The good program notes help, as does a lobby genealogy chart. But even if you don't understand all the relationships, you can get the basics. Richard would become king. He plots and kills his way to the throne.

"Gray's images are contemporary, evoking eternal evils, reminding us of how greed for power knows no bounds, how deception and treachery rule. Those who stand in the way meet cruel fates; those who seek to preserve themselves fall into obsequious self-abasement."

Also, a very positive review congratulating all of the actors and designers on their work was printed in the Carnival week edition of the Tartan. Not only did they quote my program notes a couple of times, but they also helped advertise the (very successful) talk back on Tuesday night!

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